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Bill Babington

Ever since Bill was a little boy, he has heard the call of the sea.  Over the years he has often stood upon the shoreline looking to the horizon and beyond at something out there.  In the spring of ’98 he bought a Tayana 37 with his dear friends John Stuhldreher and Jake Adams and they christened it Far Niente.  Together they sailed from Redondo Beach, CA to Fiji and back.  Upon his return, he knew that he had just scratched the surface of something significant.  A new dream was born of that one.  A dream to sail off and experience the world.  Twelve years later and after a lot of work, he’s found his new boat, a Liberty 458 named Solstice.  And once again is embarking on a voyage to take him over the horizon and beyond to distant shores.

Bill has been a filmmaker and writer for over 22 years.  Utilizing these skill sets, he will share the experience to those who are interested.

John Stuhldereher

Taylor Williams

Tim Wirth

Tony King